Sunday, April 7, 2013

faith and mountain moving

I recently stumbled upon this show done by KET that discusses the very ideas I've been mulling over for the last several years, or perhaps my entire life. I am anxious to share it with brothers and sisters who live on this planet, in this country, in this time and want to do so well. Here are some questions viewing this brings up:

- Why does God have us living here? Are we just waiting here until God takes us home?
- How does God exercise his rule over us and how does he want us to exercise our rule over this earth?
- Does following the command to love God and our neighbor impact our action on issues about the places our neighbors call home/the environment? If so, how?
- What does it mean to love this country? How is it compare and/or contrast to loving God?
- What is the relationship between religion and politics in our country? What should it be?
- What would it mean to love the lady who wants clean drinking water? What would it mean to love the man saying God wants us to destroy the land with gusto? Could the answer be one in the same? Why or why not?

I encourage you to watch this video and pray about it. Maybe gather two or more and pray together about it. Maybe practice loving each other as you discuss it together.

Watch a preview